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Tuesday, May 4, 2004 Issue 29  

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New Products
Building Bridges Ltd
Import - Export Solutions

Since 1997, Building Bridges' strategy is to strengthen the trade links between Argentina and the United Kingdom, helping small and medium sized companies to develop their businesses in one of the most competitive and high-income market in Europe.

We have a collaborative approach with producers, distributors and retailers under an ethical, dynamic and innovative framework. Our values are transparency, respect and an aim for a fair and mutually profitable relationship.

We know and understand the needs of demanding consumers. Also, we believe that Argentine companies have a dormant potential for developing their produce and became preferred suppliers of differentiated fine foods with added value. Building Bridges Ltd work with the objective of increasing the profile of Argentine fine foods in Europe.

Main products and brands:

Ché Mate ® is our brand of organic yerba mate, certified by Soil Association.

Yerba Mate is the traditional South American green tea and is a revitalising herbal beverage. The leaves grow naturally in the subtropical iron-red soil of South America where maté has been enjoyed locally over the centuries. Maté is recognised around the world for its valuable nutrients and today millions benefit from its many virtues. Maté has been aptly called "nature's most perfect beverage".

Currently maté accounts for 53% of the hot beverage market in Argentina, and it knows no social boundaries. Offering and accepting maté is a gesture of hospitality and friendship - not only for the gauchos riding across the pampas with only maté to keep them going, but also for city-dwellers drinking maté in the cafés of Buenos Aires.

For more information visit our website

Yerba Mate in Bulk

We import and distribute across EU organic yerba maté, certified by Soil Association, from selected harvests and grindings.

Sold in double Kraft paper bags of 15 Kg.

Ché Toffee ® is our brand of organic Dulce de Leche, certified by Soil Association.

Made with organic milk and organic sugar, Ché Toffee is the most exquisite Dulce de Leche.

For more information visit our website

Ché Honey ® is our brand of organic honey, certified by Soil Association.

This honey come from selected beehives and is never heated nor mixed to maintain its natural properties and distinctive taste and texture.

For more information visit our website

Certified by: Soil Association in the UK and by OIA (Organización Internacional Agropecuaria) in Argentina.

Looking for: Processors, wholesalers and retailers in the UK and across Europe.

Contact: Roberto C. Jellinek
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8875 1896
Fax: +44 (0) 20 8875 1666

Abacus House
249-251 Merton Road
SW18 5EB
United Kingdom


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